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OBI HAYOT Association in 1992-1996 in cooperation with INTERSIGMA Corp. managed project by manufacture remoteness pumps. Manufacturing power enables to produce up to 10 000 pumps per year.
Technical qualities of pumps surpass analogs in UIC and have large range of coverage of productivity and pressure. Today owned power can supply main part of the market in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The cooperation of foreign investor in project valued in 1 856 287 USD.


In 1993 in cooperation with ESCAP (ecology and water supply sector of UN in Bangkok) Association worked out the project with Feasibility Study and Approval of water flood factory (whole manufacturing cycle - bottle manufacture, flood and bottling)  in Shahrisabz in power of 576 thousands of 20 liter bottles per year and 19bln. 800thousand 1.5 liter bottles per year.


In 1995-1998 company realized project "Container plants for preparation and distribution of drinkable water using SIEMENS Corp. technology". This project is financed by KFW bank by the commerce loan, under the Uzbekistan Government guarantee. The contract amount is 12mln. 71 thousands of Deutsch Marks. Invested resources were used for purchase, installation and maintenance of 55 container plants to prepare and distribute water, from which 11 container plants for manufacture of hypochlorite natrium by means of electro dialysis. 
In particular plants high-class pumping and electro technique equipment is installed, with regulated electric drive, total automation of work expected to be provided.
As the result, high quality drinkable water, within the whole Uzbekistan was provided to more than 200 000 rural population. Exploitation, service of all 55 container plant units and distribution of drinkable water to the population is carried out by on contract base by regional companies of Obi Hayot.


In 1996-1997 Obi Hayot Association in cooperation with foreign consultants SRP, due to grantor KFW Bank (Germany) - 1.5bln Deutsch Marks in Khorezm region pilot projects of small-size units of rural drinkable water supply were realized.
More than 4000 people in "Oq Oltin" kolkhoz of Urgench district and "Karakum" of Khiva district were supplied with high-quality drinkable water.
In investing the resources, leading experience of European countries was used. Social-economic, engineering-geological surveys and research were conducted. New technical solutions with usage of energy-saving technologies in container plants in water preparation and distribution of water by Siemens Corp. and WABAG were integrated.
For disinfection the water hypochlorite natrium is used, which is produced locally from sodium chlorite in electro dialysis container plants, up-to-date bactericidal plant with ultraviolet irradiation.


From September 1998 under State guarantee of the Republic Uzbekistan, together with KFW Bank (Germany) company is working and carrying out investment project (Cabinet of Misters resolution #243 from June 8, 1998 "Drinkable rural water supply at Khorezm region"). In that project OBI HAYOT is determined execution body, customer and exploitation organization. For that project KFW Bank dedicated financial resources of 23bln. Deutsch Marks, from which 20bln. Deutsch Marks as favorable loan, with coverage period of 40 years, including favorable period of 10 years, at rate 0.75% and 3bln. Deutsch Marks as grant.
In technical task project is estimated to supply over 50000 rural people with high-quality drinkable water. In realized project new concept of exploitation service is considered, its models are based on European standards with tailoring into market conditions of Uzbekistan. Loan payments are expected to be fulfilled via selling the water to the end-users.


Project dedicated to the manufacture of water-measure tools of different productivity types was realized on basis of initiation of OBI HAYOT in coordination with ABB (United Kingdom). Part of foreign investor in project is estimated in 1 934 000 USD.


From year 2000 in cooperation with INTERSIGMA INDUSTRIAL (Czech Republic) and GosKomImushestvo of Uzbekistan Republic consulting activity was carried out and project is realized in creation of Joint Venture on base of AOOT "Namangannagromash". The manufacture of compact clearing constructions in estimated power of 15 - 2500 equivalent population is arranged. Clearing constructions "MINIKLAR" are compact biological reactors with wasteless production and complete avoidance of smell. Estimated part of foreign investor in project until year 2010 can consist of 100bln. USD


In terms of critical level of water in the end of 2000 in December, company complete the purchase of one water-desalinating container plant "Akvamin" for drinkable water supply in Karakalpakstan, in trial purposes. Plant is the joint technology of MINATOMMASH and GLAVKOSMOS (Russia), which was tested on the cosmic station "MIR" and other parts of the world. Creation of Joint Venture on manufacturing of water-desalinating container plant is projected for drinkable water preparation in Samarqand.


At the end of 2000 company in cooperation with "MITSUBISHI CORPORATION" projects were prepared in drinkable water supply at rural points at Navoiy region. Applications were approved in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for financing on grant basis and forwarded to governmental bodies (MinMakroEkonomStat and MVES) of the Republic of Uzbekistan.













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